What is self hypnosis? Is it really an effective tool to make yourself better?

One of the interesting techniques in self hypnosis not known to everyone is what experts call as anchors.

All of us may have been experiencing them in some of our activities but we are not aware of it.

You often was hooked to a movie and cried in its most touching part; and then after watching you’re still affected with the lines in the movie.

Ever heard of what people said, LSS or Last -Song-Syndrome?

This happens when you have been attached to a song and then after some time you unknowingly sing a part of it.

Or maybe, you have met a person who became part of your life; this person always manages to bring the worst in you.

And no matter how you promise yourself not to repeat a not-so-good doing because of him, it still happens that you are “pushed” to do certain things which can bring negative impact to other people.

That’s why it is very important to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of these anchors.

These anchors have been used to explain what is self hypnosis and

Self Hypnosis Anchors Explained

A self hypnosis anchor is an action learned naturally to create a response. To explain more, it happens when a certain event or something brings back a feeling or memories that can make you smile or shed a tear.
The anchor produces a reaction to a posthypnotic idea that was deposited in the subconscious mind during self-hypnotic daze.
It may be a visual cue, a smell, a taste, a sound, a word, a touch or an internal feeling.

The stronger suggestion that you lodged, the greater the effect the anchor has to give you during the response.

This why when you are totally inclined onto something, you are having a hard time to forget or moved on from it.

The attachment is so strong that it also invades the innermost part of you.
Since an anchor is a stimulus-response mechanism, this can bring into a more positive outlook.

You can remember things and reminisce those memories that you have been cherishing for a long time.

In some ways, anchors are bringing positive results when they are perceived in positive ways.

So, When and How an Anchor can be Advantageous?

Anchors literally mean “a hold to something”.
When a person is asked, “What makes you relaxed?”, and you answer, “My pet dog.”, then your pet dog is your anchor to set off relaxation.

When you’re being under stress, and you just play your favorite music’s CD, you seem to feel that you’re being at ease. Well, that’s your anchor to get relaxed.

When an anchor gives you fond memories and smiles in your life, it is a positive anchor.
That is why you should be more cautious and have control over your emotions and thoughts.

Meaning, you have to train yourself that while a specific event is happening around you, you have to be always thinking positively.
For an anchor to be advantageous and used effectively, it has to be repetitive and dramatic.

When you often worry, you are often distracted and often as well, you get under stress because of the repetitive worries.

But when you create a way to make those negative anchors, into positive ones, you are sure to have a more relaxing and satisfying life.

When a traumatic event such as an accident or a death of someone we love repictures in our minds, it will of course triggers a negative anchor. The pain, the blame, the angst and the questioning are there accumulated. That awful day will make someone even depressed.
But coaching, and using self-hypnosis techniques can make those negative anchors into positive one.

By these this self hypnosis technique, those awful days will be accepted as part of a normal life, and that acceptance will turn out as a starting point to a stronger person you can be.

This is known as an activating system, wherein a part of a nervous system is anchored in order to facilitate a state change.

It is also important that developing a strong self-esteem can be a helpful way in creating more positive anchors. You can also apply the following:
• Think of your greatest achievement as well as the moments you personally cherished. Reminisce how you have achieved those sweet success and make it an additional investment to gain self-confidence.
• On the experience that you cherish most, anchor the feeling of happiness or excitement with something specific gestures in your body. It can be a pinch in your nose, a pat in your arm or something that you can easily repeat.
• Encourage yourself to recall and reminisce a good feeling often. Accumulate pretty good memories to have pretty nice responses.

Have a Happy and Positive Memories Cache
The scheme of an anchor is very much important to the self hypnosis process to encourage quick return to any state needed especially if persuading to have appositive outcomes and response.
Learn to recognize anchors – which ones are bringing you bad responses and which ones are bringing you happiness and excitement – for you to be able to also analyze the outcomes and effects from that anchor.

Exercising also some self hypnosis techniques to develop self-confidence and esteem will make it easier to handle and adjust to whatever anchors you can have.

Understanding what is self hypnosis and applying Self Hypnosis Anchoring will help you develop a stronger and better YOU in the future.

Discover more on how to unleash your powers of hypnotic and subliminal influence to become a Total Controller.


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